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We invite you to join us on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month via live streaming on Facebook at 10:00 AM. Come with an open mind and heart and be prepared to be empowered by spiritual awareness.

Below are the messages from our past services…

Change and Transition

Life is all about change and transition. Sometimes, change brings uncertainty and even pain but somehow, someway, the good always shines through. Change becomes our greatest teacher but only if we allow ourselves to learn from it. The lessons that come with change and transition can lead us through all experiences.  As soon as we accept the change we could then make positive transitions that connect us to our higher selves and move us forward. There is a transitional [...]

April 8th, 2018|

Mastering our Feelings

We have all heard the saying, “It’s not what happens that matters but how we react to what happens”.  We are free to choose how we react and how we feel about the circumstances of each experience.  Yet, so often when something unexpected occurs we respond by reacting too quickly and feeling negative, rather than looking for the good or the lesson in the experience. But by practicing to be more aware of how we react and feel throughout [...]

March 25th, 2018|

Affirm Your Goal

To “affirm” is to state that something is true. When applied to our spiritual life, an affirmation is a statement of truth which we aspire to absorb into our life; what we believe about our self and our world.  The repetition and corresponding mental images formed when we say affirmations will help to change our subconscious mind. The best times to repeat positive affirmations are when the subconscious mind is most receptive: after waking, immediately before falling asleep, and [...]

February 25th, 2018|

Unconditional Love

There are more stories and songs written about love than any other subject; this is probably because it is not only a powerful and life-changing force but the very essence of life. The dictionary defines love as a profoundly tender and deep affection for another person. However, the spiritual aspect of love goes beyond romantic love; it is a state of being; a higher vibrational existence that one radiates regardless of whether anything is offered in return. The simple [...]

February 11th, 2018|

Inner Vision Creates

Our ability to develop and maintain clear inner vision of the good we want in our life leads to the manifestation of that good.  One of the great lessons in life is that the ultimate measure of a person is not where he or she stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he or she stands in moments of challenge. Some people choose to respond by seeking to transform the problem into an opportunity while others may [...]

January 28th, 2018|

Embracing Change

In tribute to Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, let us recall some inspiring ideas he shared with the world. He said that unconditional love must be our power in the struggle for justice and peace. It is indeed the most powerful force in all of life’s struggles. And love begins at home. Before we can love and care for another adequately, we must first learn to love and care for ourselves properly. He explained the deeper meaning of [...]

January 14th, 2018|

Sunday Service held on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month

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