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Our Ministry

We learn about spiritual laws – the law of attraction, the law of karma, the law of assumption, the law of prosperity, etc., and continually teach of the spiritual meaning of goodwill to all men, unconditional love, inner peace, faith, forgiveness, and divine grace. We learn that what we give out comes back to us multiplied, that we reap what we sow although we may not recognize our harvest.

We explore how to live by faith and not by sight to create and achieve, how to pray and what prayer means, how to use our imagination for our good and the good of others, how to really love ourselves deeply and how to love others the same way.

We provide a forum for informative workshops and seminars on topics such as the connection between body and mind; meditation techniques; energy healing techniques; holistic healing techniques; mindful parenting; etc. We offer a forum for spiritual fellowship within our local community and we anticipate globally in the very near future.

Reverend James and members who participate in the ministry bring to bear all their education, training and life experiences, on teaching and sharing with others about spirituality and healing.  Several members are Reiki masters and practitioners; many are certified in various forms of holistic healing methodologies; some are readers and channels; and many are proficient in different healing techniques, all of which are holistic in nature.

Declaring Our Truths

Our Beliefs

We believe in the existence of God, the creative consciousness behind all that is.

We believe that we are a manifestation of that consciousness; that our awareness of being or our “I am-ness” is the presence of God within us; that our souls are connected to and a part of the creative consciousness that is infinite and eternal.

We believe that God is love and exists within us not outside of us and that God exists within every living creature.

We believe in our ability to heal our lives through the development of our spiritual awareness.

We believe in the transformation of our lives by the renewal of our minds.

Reverend James

Reverend James Ferguson is an ordained spiritual minister. He was ordained by the Honolulu Church of Light in 2011 where he was the preaching minister for several years. Rev. James began his spiritual journey over two decades ago; he considers himself a life-long student of comparative religion. He was raised in the Christian faith in his home town of Kingston on the island of Jamaica and later lived in New York City for many years before moving to Hawaii in 2000.  Rev. James is an attorney by training and was a civil litigator for over two decades. He currently works as an insurance investigator in Honolulu and also lectures at a local community college, in addition to pursuing his ministry which is his passion.

SOUL is a not for profit organization; our members participate in the ministry by offering their insights and talents to teach and promote holistic approaches to healing.  We are community based in orientation with a focus on empowerment of the individual seeking to heal.

Sunday Service held on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month

The Healing Arts Center
98-030 Hekaha Street
Room 27
Harbor Center, Building 7
Aiea, HI 96701

Phone: (808) 349-8050